Patrick Bergeron

September 25, 2008

Patrick Bergeron is a video artist that “manipulates images and enhances their meanings.” He is interested in concepts of speed, memories and details. His work is a mix between, animation, abstract and documentary film. For the last 15 years, he has worked for the film industry as a digital artist (compositor), including some of the most challenging shots on films like The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. Bergeron’s piece LoopLoop will screen tonight, September 24th (7-8pm).

He writes:

I was musician making noise. I studied physic engineering…did a master degree in aerospace…suddenly decided that it was not what I wanted…I became a computer geek, administrating computers and networks. I built web sites…I started to help artists on software…I started to use them…I started to work on TV shows and feature films as compositor…I traveled 6 months in Asia and develop my camera skills by shooting little moments and objects that I saw everyday. My tools are the camera, the computer and my sensibility. I’ve never had the chance to draw, paint or to do sculpture.

In my mind LoopLoop is a cinematic installation, a never ending temporal machine, turning, rotating, zooming, looking for details, for history, for memories. I started it by building a static cylinder prototype (image 1). [It] was nice to take the time to build it, but I never had the chance to show it. Last year I started to do large prints with the main LoopLoop image. The first print I did was 12 x 9 feet (image 2). It was very exciting to show it last year in The Hague, Netherlands, during Today’s Art festival.

This 5 minute video loop is made from a video sequence I took in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam, I filmed the houses boarding the railroad. The 1000 images of this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image. Into this long still image, I integrated other moving elements and built smooth transitions over it. The soundtrack is composed of original recording sounds in which noises warp as time shifts. 

While traveling in South-East Asia, I captured the day to day events, places, and people I encountered. When I came back home, many experiences had already been forgotten. My brain failed by the abundance of the subjects met. When I look at the video tapes of my travels, I remember those past events. My memory is activated by these images. By watching them several times, I detect new interesting facts; a dog hidden in a corner, a sign on a wall, a strange person. For now on each one of these new details, unperceived before, takes part and contributes to my memories and souvenirs.

I hope you enjoy the video version of my project!

I’m presently working on a few single-channel videos and installations. In my next project sound and music will be a big part of the creative process. By working again with sound and instruments, I’m closing a loop…I’m still a musician making noise.


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